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2023 Agenda

ITC Vegas


Navigating the Quote Maze

October 31, 2024

Increasingly, agents are being asked to obtain multiple quotes on policies—even those with low premiums. But with small premium policies, it is difficult for agents to maintain margins if they spend too much time in the quoting process. Comparative raters are ubiquitous for personal lines and emerging in the small commercial world.  Platforms, exchanges, and marketplaces are increasingly gaining users as well as they typically include a wide variety of other workflow and marketing tools, allowing the agent to take the quote through the binding process and often allowing them to access markets that they otherwise may not be able to access. But with a growing number of options, how should agents and  insurers think through a decision about which products to participate in?  We’ll chat with a comparative rater, a marketplace, a carrier, and an agent to get a sense of where this space is going and how agents and carriers should think about their decisions of where to play.