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2023 Agenda

ITC Vegas


Masterclass: How to Become a “Meta-Leader”: A New Leadership Style for the Digital World

November 02, 2024
Lagoon G

In this 2-hour, hands-on workshop, Andrea shares the traits of what he calls “meta-leadership” in his latest book – a new style of leadership in the digital world. By mapping out what digital technologies can do better than humans today, and which cognitive skills of leaders it substitutes, Andrea promotes a series of group exercises during the workshop to map out which are the necessary steps to promote these new traits in the participants’ companies. Learning outcomes: - understand the new critical skills for leaders in the digital age - learn how to use big data to become customer-centric - understand the role of new technologies such as AI, edge computing and the metaverse play in the insurance sector - develop a toolbox to update processes and operations within the company - create new solutions for the Insurance sector based on new technologies Cost $200 at registration.

Andrea Iorio, Columnist - MIT Technology Review Brasil