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2023 Agenda

ITC Vegas


Lunch Workshop: How AI is Changing the Way We Operate in Insurance Presented by Microsoft

November 02, 2024
Mandalay Bay Ballroom G
Lunch Workshop

Join us for lunch and small panel session where Microsoft speakers Jim DeMarco, head of insurance advisory for the Americas, and a small panel will update us on how AI has changed the business, in some ways radically, this past year and what we see happening in the coming year.  Microsoft will share headline user stories, show some of the tech itself, and distinguish been what's working and what's still just hype.  We'll have an open discussion on how AI can become a copilot to insurers, agents, and insureds alike as they go through their insurance journeys.

Jim DeMarco, Insurance Practice Lead - Microsoft
Mike Silva, Chief Commercial Customer Success - CCC Intelligent Solutions
Sasha Korol, Senior Director of Research and Innovation - Duck Creek Technologies