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2023 Agenda

ITC Vegas


ITCx Meetup Series: Beyond the Surface: The Power of LCNC in Redefining Digital Transformation of Insurance Industry Presented by Vermeg

November 02, 2024
ITCx Stage Located in the Expo Hall

The terms "low-code" and "no-code" have proliferated in the landscape of digital transformation across all industries. The promise of "low-code/no-code" applications & platforms with faster implementation cycles, more adaptable products and processes, ease of integration, and lower costs is appealing. The overuse and misuse of the terms low-code or no-code are creating a situation whereby these solutions fail to deliver on their promises; but how does this translate to the insurance industry? What are the real capabilities of LCNC in unlocking true digital transformation in insurance industry, and can industry specific LCNC solutions solve the aforementioned challenges? Our experts will deep dive on what LCNC is all about, beyond the technical capabilities and how dedicated platforms can help addressing the business challenges. Global insurers and industry leaders will provide valuable testimonials, live on stage, sharing their experience and learnings when managing transformational projects with LCNC technologies. A 90 minute gathering where YOU can connect with your peers, meet experts, share experiences, and explore all the aspects of the digital transformation enabled through LCNC.

Brahim Halmaoui, Digital Global Strategy Vice President - VERMEG
Ines Issa, Senior Product Consultant - VERMEG
Kanisha Agarwal, Insurance Core and Emerging Transformation Leader - Deloitte
Mike Risley, CEO - Agenium