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2023 Agenda

ITC Vegas


InsureTalent x RISE presents: Innovating Mentorship

November 02, 2024
3rd Floor Palm Foyer

Are you ready to challenge the status quo of mentorship? Join us for an dynamic session at ITC Vegas, where the worlds of Innovation and Mentorship collide like never before.   Our panel of Young Professionals will ignite a conversation around the revolutionary force of reverse mentoring and its profound impact on organizations across industries. Unveil the secrets of this groundbreaking approach as we delve into how it:   - Breaks Traditional Hierarchies  - Promotes Collaboration  - Bridges the Digital Skills Gap  - Fosters a Culture of Innovation   Following the panel, immerse yourself in the heartbeat of innovation as young professionals seize the reins in a Reverse Speed Mentoring session. Feel the pulse of rapid learning and exchange as fresh minds offer insights that challenge conventional wisdom, sparking inspiration for growth and transformation.   This isn't just about mentorship—it's about embracing the power of cross-generational collaboration, accelerating growth, and fostering fresh thinking. Join us at the forefront of this transformative movement, and together, let's reshape the future of mentorship.

Awais Farooq, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Transformation - Crawford & Company
Ema Roloff, Co-Founder - Leading Change
Katerina Garavito, President - RISE Professionals
Michelle Lewis, Industry Solutions & Strategy Director, Insurance Brokerage & Agencies - Salesforce