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2023 Agenda

ITC Vegas


Harmonizing Sustainability Presented by: Alchemy Crew & Sønr

October 31, 2024
Mandalay Bay Ballroom D
Kick Off Summit

What is Harmonizing Sustainability? Well, it is because it is not just about commercial lines. It is also about protecting societies.  “In a world where resources are finite and challenges are interlinked, C-suite executives must embrace sustainability as a harmonious symphony of human, social, economic, and environmental needs. In doing so, they build organizations that deliver enduring value for all stakeholders and contribute to the collective resilience of our global community.” The term sustainability is broadly used to indicate programs, initiatives and actions aimed at preserving a particular resource and driving the resilience of others.   Join the teams from Alchemy Crew, Sønr, along with key partners for a Think Tank where we will understand and discuss business model disruption in both Commercial Lines and Life & Health:  - The critical future trends influencing and shaping each sector - The key considerations for sustainable business model enhancements  Our aim: It is to frame (or re-frame) perspectives on this critical topic for the “Future of The Insurance Industry” ahead of the ITC Las Vegas 2023 conference, on 31st October. This will include how sustainability-related practices, expectations and considerations are and should be deployed by enterprises.

Ali Afshar, Chief Strategy Officer - Artimed
Christian Lau, Co-Founder - Dynamo FL
David King, Co-CEO & Co-Founder - Artificial Labs
Dror Katzav, CEO & Founder - Atidot
Iain Wilcox, CEO - GWT Insight
Jonathan Jackson, CEO - Previsico
Lisa Wardlaw, CEO & Founder - 360 Digital Immersion
Magda Ramada, Insurtech Innovation Leader - WTW
Matt Ferguson, Managing Partner - Sønr
Neta Rozy, CTO & Co-Founder - Parametrix Insurance
Ori Cohen, COO & Co-Founder - Parametrix Insurance
Ron Gura, Founder/CEO - Empathy
Sabine VanderLinden, CEO & Co-Founder - Alchemy Crew
Yaacov Goldenhersh, Co-Founder - LiST Funding
Yann Barbarroux, CEO - Otonomi