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Listing Inclusion
The inclusion of your event in the ITC Week schedule is not guaranteed, and its placement will be subject to the discretion of InsureTech Connect. Listing the event does not entail any promotional efforts or direct endorsement by InsureTech Connect beyond the event’s inclusion.  

Modification of Event Listing
InsureTech Connect reserves the right to contact you for clarification and make changes to your event listing submission, if necessary, to ensure clarity and accuracy. You will be contacted in advance of any changes.  

Event Updates
The event organizer bears the responsibility for providing timely updates to InsureTech Connect regarding event listing on the InsureTech Connect website, should changes to the event occur. This includes but is not limited to changes to the event’s date, time, and cancellations. Should any such modifications occur, the event organizer is required to promptly notify InsureTech Connect via our support inbox at [email protected] 

Registration Pages or RSVP Forms
InsureTech Connect will not create registration pages or RSVP forms, which are the responsibility of the organizer. The event organizer is exclusively responsible for updating the registration or RSVP link associated with their event listing. Any changes must be promptly communicated to InsureTech Connect to ensure seamless access for attendees.

Privacy Policy 
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For further inquiries or assistance, direct questions to [email protected] 

By participating in ITC Week, event organizers acknowledge their commitment to fostering a safe, inclusive, and respectful atmosphere, while ensuring a successful event schedule and accurate information dissemination for all attendees and participants. 

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